Dimensions Math – Pre-K

Pre-K Level of a Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract Math methodology curriculum.
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Curriculum Overview

As the first level of the PK-5 Dimensions Math series, the Pre-K level provides visual learning of concrete, pictorial, and abstract math concepts. The learning involved in the Textbook is colorful and engaging for encouraging your frustrated toddler to focus. The Workbook reinforces the concepts taught in the textbook.


> Colorful diagrams and pictures.
> Short lessons which can easily be dropped and picked back up if the child is struggling or tired of learning.
> Concepts are introduced slowly and built upon as the unit progresses.
> Various means of learning included matching, “cross out the __”, “circle the __”, rhymes to help recall concepts.
> While a teacher’s guide is available, it is not needed if the teacher understands basic math concepts for themselves (the website says as much).
> While manipulatives are available to purchase, basic blocks such as Legos can substitute.
> Color-learning is reinforced and used in constant conjunction with math learning.
> The entire Pre-K curriculum is broken up into four books. Textbook PKA & Workbook PKA, Textbook PKB & Workbook PKB. By the end of the PKA series, numbers 1-10 have been learned. By the end of the PKB series, the student has been introduced to very basic subtraction, ordinal numbers, shapes and solids.
> On a daily level, the division of books is useful for the student. The textbook introduces concepts while the workbook further reinforces them. It has convenient to learn a concept and then setting it down for the day. Picking it back up the next day, in the form of the workbook, often solidifies the concept in the student’s mind. The separation of books helps the student feel like one thing is “done” when closing a book and like something fresh is begun when opening the next. On a semester level, it has been nice to finish an entire PKA series. The student feels accomplished and motivated to start the next PKB series.
> If your child likes to color, there is ample opportunity to do so.


> Excessive coloring can be a burden for some children. It can be modified by either choosing to color, explain shapes, circling them etc. Not difficult to modify but does take some preparation.
> There can be too much repetition between the book and the workbook. On the easier concepts, your child may become bored after mastering the concept and still being required to review it.
Product Specs:
Subjects: STEM, Math
Grade: Pre-K (Age 4 to 5)
Recommended Age: 4, 5
Published Format: Printed Physical Book Set
Estimated Cost: $51.20
Additional Cost: $58
Style of Curriculum: Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA)
Learning Type: Visual
Core or Extra: Core Subject
Ideology Based : Unspecified
Size of Curriculum : Single Subject
Assessments: Tests not used in this level
Coop Friendly? Curriculum can be adapted to a cooperative
Reason for additional cost: Additional costs of 59 to 348 if you decide to purchase the full teacher’s set rather than just a textbook and workbook. Manipulatives also add to the expense.