Logic of English Foundation

Logic of English covers the scope of English grammar fundamentals.
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Curriculum Overview

Logic of English is a very thorough language program that uses a multi-sensory approach to reading. The way Activities for Learning, Inc. teach phonograms is unique, but teaches critical thinking rather than just listing rules and exceptions.

The curriculum is teacher- and kid-friendly with quite a few fun activities. Logic of English can be used in a cooperative setting easily provided all children are using the same curriculum. There are plenty of suggestions in how to adapt the curriculum for a classroom setting.


> Parent, tutor, child friendly with clear instructions and visually pleasing.
> Fun, engaging and with excellent variety of activities
> Unique approach to learning phonograms that works well
> Primarily open-and-go; sometimes a quick scan is necessary to cut out extra items if too lengthy
> Includes songs, phonogram cards, games
> Cursive or manuscript writing options
> Online version is available
> Easy to divide lessons if necessary, due to the attention of the child
> Additional reading and practice suggestions


> Possibly difficult to jump into if you had a different approach or program before
> Some of the lessons could be too long in length and should be split – requires some preparation
> Manipulatives cost extra and are a value added, but extra expense
Product Specs:
Subjects: English
Grade: Pre-K (Age 4 to 5), Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
Recommended Age: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
Published Format: Printed Physical Book Set
Estimated Cost: $95
Additional Cost: $100
Style of Curriculum: Orton-Gillingham
Learning Type: Auditory, Kinesthetic, Visual
Core or Extra: Core Subject
Ideology Based : Secular
Size of Curriculum : Single Subject
Assessments: Tests are used for a final assessment
Coop Friendly? Curriculum can be adapted to a cooperative
Reason for additional cost: Manipulatives aren’t included in base price; they could be required depending on depth.