Home School Guild originally started in the home to address what many considered to be learning challenges for one of our children. What we had to learn, was to build the right curriculum for our son to turn his high energy into an opportunity instead of a challenge to overcome.

We built and continue to build a personalized learning plan that challenges his limits, stimulates his creativity, targets his personal interests, and unleashes his energy.

If you find yourself interested in home schooling for one reason or another, we warmly welcome you to our community and encourage you to take advantage of our free or reasonably priced services to build a home schooling curriculum for your child or children.

Feel free to take our quiz to give you insight into your child’s ideal learning method and platform.

“My child has taken so many tests for so many years. Why do I need a quiz to learn how they have to learn?”

We help you focus on the ideal learning (and teaching) style for your home school and target curriculums in your price range that stimulate the interests your children have.

More importantly, we are developing:

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